Thursday, December 05, 2019
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Senior Transitions - Assessments and Counseling
Nursing Care Assessment
Coordinating medical care
Nursing Home Advocacy


What does Assessments

This includes assessing the older adults medical problems, medications, social issues, psychological issues, client and family concerns, financial and legal issues, and the home or environment in which they live.


What Nursing care is
right for my loved ones?

All services, activities, as determined by the plan of care developed will be monitored.  These services can include: companion or home management and nursing care, nutrition support such as grocery shopping and meals, home repairs, medical claims, and bill paying services.


How will my doctors all
stay updated on my medications so I don't have side effects?

Accompanying to doctor’s appointments and maintaining contact with the physician regarding any changes in the client’s healthcare status.  Making sure that each physician seen by the client is aware of all the medications taken and any changes in client’s medical problems since the last appointment.



How to deal with nursing homes.

For clients residing in facilities this includes visits to client, care coordination, coordinating doctor visits, and care oversight.

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Aging Families In Crisis - Senior Transitions of North Carolina
Aging Families in Crisis

 Aging brings on many challenges. They actually begin from the moment of birth. As an infant these challenges are met with feelings of pride and success. Feelings of accomplishment surface as the challenges of adult hood are met. At mid-life not only is there a backward glance at life, but a look to the future as we begin the wishing for the time when retirement begins. What will happen with retirement and that final stage--life as a senior?